Jay's SON Café & Catering will be providing the School of Nursing community with fresh, high quality meals and a catering menu with the most diverse offerings Baltimore has to offer. Jay’s include Viccino’s Italian Gourmet, where hot, tasty pizza and Italian delights originate and the very popular sushi restaurant XS serving fresh hand rolled Sushi, Asian delicacies and custom blend coffee. "Jay's has been providing Hopkin's with delicious food for over 25 years and we're very excited that more of the community will be able to enjoy it." Said Phillip Quick, VP of Jay's Restaurant Group. Beginning at 7:00AM, Jay's SON café will serve breakfast and lunch weekdays, specializing in hot and cold American classic sandwiches and entrees of the highest quality available, always sourced locally and organically, when possible. Jay's is also the go-to caterer for the community, available for any type of function, day or night and 7 days a week. The catering menu and online form is available here. Contact a friendly Jay’s associate for help with any and all of your food and beverage needs. We look forward serving you.